$18 each

APPLE CRUMB ... piled high with fresh apples and crumb topping

PUMPKIN PIE ... just the right spices

SWEET POTATO… like pumpkin, only better

SHOO FLY… a brown sugar and molasses pie, best served warm with vanilla ice cream

$19 each

CHOCOLATE PUDDING PIE ... old fashioned pudding made with real chocolate

PUMPKIN PECAN … with crushed pecans baked inside

BANANA CREAM … in a chocolate nilla wafer crust

and by the half tray...

APPLE CRISP... with a rolled oat and brown sugar top

APPLE-PEAR-CRANBERRY CRISP... a great blend of seasonal flavors

$20 each

COCONUT CUSTARD PIE ... baked slow with sweetened coconut

KEY LIME PIE ... none better, baked in a ginger-graham cracker crust

KEY LEMON PIE ... a twist on the traditional "key lime pie" baked in an oreo crust

PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE ... in a ginger-graham cracker crust

                                                                         $21 each

MARBLE CHEESECAKE ... in an oreo crust [ comes w/raspberry sauce]

BLUE RIBBON PEACH PIE … w/a layer of raspberries in the middle & a graham cracker top

BANANA FUDGE FREEZE ... graham cracker crust, a layer of chocolate ganache and creamy frozen banana frappé

                                                                            $22 each

CHOCOLATE PECAN … traditional pecan with chunks of dark semi-sweet chocolate baked inside

PEANUT BUTTER PIE … peanut butter lovers heaven, with a chocolate graham crust

BERRY BERRY GOOD… blueberry, raspberry & strawberry baked with a lattice top

THREE COOKIE CAKE ... girl scout thin mint cookie ice cream in a nilla wafer-oreo crust

PEACH COBBLER ... with a pecan-crumble topping [half tray]

BREAD PUDDING … apples, raisins & cranberries , complete with vanilla sauce

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